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Dynamis Batterien | részletek
A németországi, nagy múlttal rendelkező, Magyarországon közismert Geyer Electronic kibővítette kapcsolatait a Dynamis Batterien Gmbh-val és a Dynamis teljes termékpalettáját értékesíti a jövőben...
Texas Instruments együttműködés | részletek
A Texas Instruments partnereként követjük és támogatjuk a kisebb hazai fejlesztéseket, a mintáktól a szériás gyártásokig. Technikai támogatásunk teljeskörü, igény esetén közvetlen TI -es mérnők...

Hammond 1553 extra size / 1550Z

1553 extra sizes

The new AA, A and C sizes added to the 1553 family of soft-sided hand held enclosures all feature an ergonomic curved shape that fits comfortably into the hand. The AA measures 75 x 50 x 17mm, the A 100 x 61 x 17mm and the C size, available with or without a battery compartment is 117 x 79 x 33mm. The C size is a deeper version of the existing B size, which has a depth of 24mm. Available in RAL 7035 light grey or RAL 9011 black, both colours feature RAL 7012 grey over-moulded soft side grips. The units are moulded in general purpose ABS and are ideal for housing small hand-held instruments, remote controllers, flying lead machine controllers and many other applications where a small stylish, easy to hold enclosure is required. The top cover is recessed to allow a membrane keypad to be flush mounted and PCB standoffs are moulded into the base. Battery versions are supplied with clips for two AA and one PP3 batteries.

All 1553 enclosures can be supplied factory modified with machining and silk screening to the user specification; to help the design process, AutoCAD and PDF dimensioned drawings can be downloaded from  1553 ergonomic enclosures 


New product 1550Z

The latest addition to Hammond's extensive selection of die-cast enclosures is the 1550Z family, a range of thick wall (3 to 4mm depending on size) IP66 sealed boxes for use in applications where impact protection and environmental sealing are primary requirements. The 18 industry-standard sizes in the family range from 50 x 45 x 30mm to 223 x 147 x 83mm, and as standard they are supplied in either natural with a smooth vibra-finish or in a tough black polyester powder coated finish. Economically priced, the units offer outstanding value for money.

Environmental sealing is achieved through a combination of a tongue and groove construction and a pre-formed one-piece silicone rubber gasket; to ensure the integrity of the seal, the fixing screws are outside the gasket area. Depending on the size, the lid is secured with two, four or six stainless steel machine screws going in to factory-tapped holes to aid repeated opening and closing; in six selected sizes with thicker lids, captive screws are used as an alternative. The bases have raised lands to facilitate PCB or component mounting; interior space is maximised with smooth walls and a shallow draught angle. For securely attaching the enclosures to a surface if required, through-box blind holes are provided outside the sealed area.

For full details and downloadable AutoCAD drawings, visit   1550Z diecast enclosurers 


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Stabil RF Modules | részletek
A STABIL RF Modules rádiófrekvenciás termékcsalád tagjai építőkockák egyedi termékek fejlesztéséhez és gyártásához. Megbízható, minőségi és stabil alapot teremtenek az alacsonysebességű...
Simcom ajánlatunk - SIM28 / SIM5320E | részletek
SIM28 GPS/GLONASS Module SIM Com presents a high performance and  reliable assisted GPS module-SIM28. This is a standalone L1 frequency GPS module in a SMT type with MTK high...
Hammond újdonságok 1455 és 1457 | részletek
        1455 – Extruded Aluminium Enclosures   Available with either plastic or aluminium end panels Designed to house P.C....

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