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Elmos Semiconductor AG is a German manufacturer of semiconductor based system solutions. Elmos is the number #2 ranked automotive [ASIC] (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) supplier worldwide. Over 90% of the ASICs produced are for automotive applications.

Their recipe for success is based on three pillars: own CMOS technology, own Chip design and own production. Everything is concentrated under the same roof with and outstanding application know-how and shortest paths.

They are developer and producer of semiconductor based system solutions. In doing this, we always offer the one product to the customer that is just the right answer to his problems. Be it a chip tailored to his specific requirements, a standard product ready for use in a short amount of time, or a complete microsystem as a symbiosis of sensor, read-out electronics and special package.

Their more than 500 successful products bear witness to a job well done. Ever since 1984 it has been our profession to come up with complex semiconductors which facilitate intelligent and cost-efficient solutions based on their robustness and diversity of functions.

Mixed Signal ASICs


The mixed signal technology of ELMOS distinguishes itself due to the fact, that we produce high voltage components, demanding analogue functions and complex digital circuits within a compact process. This connection of the actual entirely different requirements in one process is the core piece of our mixed signal technology.

Semiconductor chips in mixed signal technologies are in particular appropriate for applications, in which the chip shows a high packing density and at the same time must work under rough environmental conditions.

Advantages of the ELMOS high voltage CMOS-process:

  • Secure automotive system know-how

  • Much analogue/ mixed-signal experience

    • Integrated non-volatile storage
    • Integrated microprocessors
    • System-on-chip solutions
  • Modular high voltage CMOS technology
  • Comparatively small mask complexity

  • Own SOI-process for increased requirements and highest integration levels.



Microsystems are more than one single integrated circuit in a standard package or a bare chip (bare die). First of all encompass additional sensor elements. They typically consist of a micromechanic sensor element and an IC for signal processing in one package.

For our Microsystems we combine our skills. We are not only specialized in integrated circuits but also in handling sensorics and chip packages. Combined with the modular high-voltage CMOS technology, which is well established since many years in the automotive sector, ELMOS has become a supplier of silicon based sub-systems. We are able to manufacture products which combine everything in a few milimeters’ space: A microsystem with many functions, e.g. the analysis of pressure and acceleration in a tire pressure monitoring system.

An ELMOS Microsystem consist of:

  • micro electro-mechanical sensor elements (MEMS),

  • evaluation electronic and

  • functional assembly and packaging, and


Sensors (MEMS)

ELMOS now provides micro-mechanical technologies in bulk and thin film engineering, necessary for the production of sensor elements and sensor systems.

Areas of competence in the field of sensors are:

  • Micro-electronical mechanical sensor elements

  • Sensor systems with co-integrated micro-electronics

  • The most up-to-date MEMS production on 100 and 150 mm wafers (4'' and 6'')

  • MEMS foundry service

  • Pressure sensors (low and high pressure, absolute and differential) for automotive,
    industrial and medical applications

  • Optical sensors

  • Acceleration sensors

  • Rotation rate sensors


Optoelectronic (HALIOS®)

ELMOS relys on the HALIOS®-principle in the area of optoelectronic. The coinage is the shortcut for High Ambient Light Independent Optical System. This systems consists of optical transmission and reception elements (LEDs and photo diodes) as well as a new electronic signal-evaluation system.

The system allows movements to be recognized even through closed, infrared-translucent surfaces. Hereby the incident light is evaluated by using two optical transmitters in such a way that only the required information is evalu-ated by post-connection hard and software. External in.uences, such as exposure to strong sunlight, have no e.ect. HALIOS® works without any mechanical parts whatsoever and is therefore wear-free.

HALIOS® allows input complex and free of interferences input devices for the detection up to three-dimensional movement. Because of its high integrate HALIOS® needs only very little space.

HALIOS® is a patent of the ELMOS Group.

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