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Simcom ajánlatunk - SIM28 / SIM5320E



SIM Com presents a high performance and  reliable assisted GPS module-SIM28. This is a standalone L1 frequency GPS module in a SMT type with MTK high sensitivity navigation engine, which allows you to achieve the industry highest levels of sensitivity, accuracy, and Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF) with lowest power consumption.

Mechanical data

  • Dimensions: 16*12.2*2.4mm
  • Weight: 1g
  • Package: SMT


  • Serial interfaces:UART, SPI / I
  • Digital I/O  EINT0 input 
  • GPIO
  • Pulse-per-second (PPS) 
  • Protocols NMEA 
  • PMTK

Prformance data

  • Receiver type  22 tracking/66 acquisition-channel GPS receiver GPS L1,  C/A Code
  • Max update rate  10Hz
  • Sensitivity1  
  • Tracking   -165dBm
  • Navigation   -160dBm     
  • Cold starts  -147dBm
  • Time-To-First-Fix2
  • Cold starts with EASY: 13s
  • Warm starts with EASY: 1~2s
  • Cold starts:  33s
  • Cold starts with EPO Assist: 13s 
  • Hot starts <1s  
  •  Automatic Position3   2.5m CEP
  •  EPO 30days DATA 1.99m
  •  Speed4:   0.1m/s       
  • Operation temperature5     -40 to +85

Electrical data

  • Power supply      2.9V~3.6V
  • Power consumption2,5
  • -Acquisition       23mA
  • -Tracking          17mA
  • -AlwaysLocateTM    3mW           
  • Antenna type        Active and passive     
  • Antenna power       External or internal VCC_RF

Support product
SIM28 EVB KIT with USB V2.0 full speed interface

1.Demonstrated with a good active antenna

2.All SV @ 130 dBm

3.50% 24 hr static, -130dBm

4.50%@ 30m/s

5. @2.8V with a passive antenna


SIM5320E  Small SMT Mountable 3G Module

SIM5320E  Small SMT Mountable 3G Module

The SIM5320E from SIMCom is dual-band HSDPA/WCDMA and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE module solution in a SMT type which supports HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps for downlink data transfer. The SIM5320 has strong extension capability with rich interfaces including UART, USB2.0, SPI, I2C, Keypad, PCM,etc.

With abundant application capability like embedded LUA script, SMTP, FTP, MMS eg. the module provides much flexibility and ease of integration for customers application. With its tiny size of 30x30x2.9mm and SMT package form factor, the SIM5320 is ideal for a wide range of handheld products

•  SMT package
•  Dual-Band UMTS/HSDPA 900/2100MHz
•  Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
•  HSDPA downlink up to 3.6Mbps
•  Dimensions: 30x30x2.9mm
•  MMS/LUA script
•  Interfaces: UART, USB2.0, SPI, I2C, PCM, etc.
•  eCall ready
•  Jamming detection support
•  Form factor: 30 x 30 x 2.9mm
•  Operating temperature range: -30° to +80°C

•  3G tablet
•  Mobile internet devices
•  POS
•  Tracking devices
•  Metering
•  Security