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Telemetry - Industrial control

Different communication system conversion  

- Industrial communication conversion  

- Protokol conversion  

- Dataflow from undocumented systems  

- Mediaconversion between wire, wireless and optical media:

1. Wire:   RS232, 422, 485, eternet, current loop
HART, PSTN, ADSL, Powerline communication

2. Wireless:  GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HDSPA, Wifi, Bluetooth,
Zigbee, MESH, ISM (433, 868MHz)

3. Optikal:   IRDA, SPDIF, IRC61107

 - Gateway solutions  

- Electric metering devices in one system conversion.

- Electric, Gas, Het and Water metering conversion.

- Local and Country network bulding.

- Capacity limitation, phase correction, energy utilization.

- Energy saving systems developing

- Solar collector controlling system

- Building automation systems

- PLC  systems developing with Web platform visulation controlls.