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Octa Light Bulgaria



Octa Light Bulgaria Plc is the first Bulgarian Manufacturer of High Power Light Emitting Diodes for general lighting applications. The long year company experience in artificial lighting on LED basis has made possible the creation of the first European LED specially designed for reaching best performance in light output, optical efficacy and thermal management.

Octa Light Products help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the need for power plant expansion.
Thanks to its advances optical properties, the BullStar series enabe never before possible applications in outdoor, indoor, industrial, architectural and general lighting when pure white light is necessary. The sophisticated optical properties allow strong package light concentration suitable for most general lighting applications without the need of any secondary optics.

Octa Light is a fully integrated supplier, offering core Light emitting devices in all three base colors - red, green, blue and white, as well as exotic colors as pink, cyan, yellow, purple and other on basis of client requirements. Octa Light Bulgaria Plc is entirely based within Europe, with R&D and manufacturing centers in Bulgaria. Founded in 2010, Octa Light commits to continuously rise the lumen efficiency of its products and to bring its light emitting diodes closer to mass usage within next years.

Octa Light high power white LEDs are optimized to bring high performance and quality of light needed for today’s wide range of lighting aplications, such as general, decorative, indoor, outdoor, idustrial or commercial lighting etc. In addition to delivering specified Correlated Color Temperature and Color Rendering combinations, BullStar series emitters deliver good efficacy, lifetime and reliability.

With all the advantages of the LED lighting in regard to the traditional light sources – like reduced energy consumption and greater luminous efficacy, LEDs are becoming an inevitable and very reliable replacement, leading the innovation in lighting industry.
Since its appearance, Octa Light Bulgaria PLC is devoted to promote high brightness LEDs for use in the general lighting applications. This is the way we enable many custom designed and specific applications, which were not possible in the past.