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About us

The Selectronic 2000 Hungary is an electronic manufacturer, system integrator and electronic component subdistributor on the Hungarian market. The company was established twelve years ago and the main target was to build up a very strong and competitive value added distribution for the Hungarian partners. The market and technical knowledge what we brough from the „big” distribution during the last 20 years showed us what are the market segments what could be our target in this enterprise.

Our slogen is „We are working for your success” that contains everything what is important for the Hungarian customers. Widerange portfolio, deep tehnical knowledge, very fast offers, attractive problem solve ability, huge flexibility, local warehouse, direct manufacturer lines with the best support, and not finally the exellent relationship with our customer base. From the beginning our business and turnover are growing well continuously and it motivates us to improve the our portfolio and service.

During the last ten years the Selectronic 2000 Hungary Ltd. has own producing on the telemetry and industrial control business part. We have more solution to solve the data conversion and exchange datas in different communication systems. We have several common development and produce with our partners in Hungary and Germany.  


Invoice and delivery address:

H-1165 Budapest, Csinszka u. 104.

Phone and Fax: (36) 1 608-3135, (36) 1 608-0083

Office mobil: (36) 20-279-3970