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Quality Policy

The Selectronic 2000 Hungary Ltd. is commited beside the quality management system.

One of the keystones for achieving our strategic objectives at our company is putting into practice the principles enshrined in our quality policy to ensure that our customers receive high quality products and services that conform to the regulations of applicable standards and always overfulfill customer requirements.

It is only through providing high quality products and services that we can sustain competitiveness and lay the foundations for the long-term prosperity of our company. Survival in the very strong market competition is possible only if we can aim higher than our competitors and the quality of our products and services surpasses not only competing products and services but customer expectations as well.

We are convinced that constantly increasing the quality of services provided by us helps our customers keep their enterprises prosperous and competitive.

The management of Selectronic 2000 Hungary Ltd. is strongly committed to achieve the following aims:

  • it is one of the most important aims of the company is that the applied management system always conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009), and to other applicable rules and regulations.
  • each employee should perform activities in accordance with the principles of the our quality policy so as to enhance the reputation of the company with our customers,
  • tenets of our quality policy should be reflected in all aspects of activities performed by us, in all phases of business processes, and in all customer relations,
  • quality needs and expectations of our customers should be overfulfilled while always keeping to the laid down deadlines and requirements,
  • our suppliers and subcontractors are expected to provide products and services conforming to our quality requirements,
  • our management system, processes and practices should be continuously enhanced and our employees should be trained towards satisfying customer needs at a constantly increasing level through achieving our quality goals set each year.

The management of Selectronic 2000 Hungary Ltd. makes it possible for each employee and every subcontractor and supplier to become familiar with the principal aims, structure and operational rules of the quality control system and expects them to keep to these rules in performing their everyday activities.


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