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Ledman | details
Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Chinese and overseas corporations in the hi-tech electronic industry. They are specialized in high quality LED components, LED...

Infrared Heating Controllers

EVO Controller Family

1-4 zones controlling of one or two staged burners


Industrial temperature controller unit for several types of burners

Controlling zones 1-4  ( info:  EVO 3 and 4  are handle one stage )

Easy setup and work with infomative LCD and useful keyborad

Heating expenses stored for last four years in monthly split

Several access levels to avoid unintentional adjustments

Handling the universal needs with numerous input and output connectors

Intelligente microcontroller 16bit 32Mhz 256 kbyte memory with handling color graphic LCD

Useful menu with a lot of easy setting option to build the perfect heating

PC Keyboard option

IP65 enclosure - dust & oil proof, protection from water,up the water

Complete protection from contact with enclosed equipment

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Octa Light Bulgaria | details
               Octa Light Bulgaria Plc is the first Bulgarian Manufacturer of High Power Light Emitting Diodes for general lighting applications. The long year company...
Adeunis RF Wireless product portfilio and solution | details
The most versatile range of wireless modules A (r)evolution Modular, programmable, compatible, interoperable…, the new line of ADEUNIS RF TWIMO modules offers possibilities...
Hofbauer news | details
Since 1902, the name Hofbauer has been equated with innovation and quality. They have set ourselves high standards and have consistently achieved their goal to develop and manufacture...

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